As this summer (one big preschooler party) comes to an end, I am reminded that we are all dangerously under the influence of August.

You know…too much partying swimming can leave you with poor judgment. You might keep wanting to hang out with August even though it really doesn’t possess many actual charms.

Cormac fell asleep with his kool-aid goggles on.  I’m sure, wearing them, he was oblivious to the bad things about summer.  Scorching heat.  Insect repellent. Having your popsicle melt before you can eat it. Yeah – through those infamous GOGGLES, everything looked pretty sweet.  He was hittin’ the kool-aid hard.

Nap Goggles?

But when he wakes up and takes those goggles off, he’s going to feel pretty silly about liking summer so much.  You know.  Most of us have been there.  And he’ll trudge up the stairs wearing the same clothes he had on before the nap, and feel the overwhelming urge to stuff his face with grilled cheese.

Friends Don't Let Friends Nap With Goggles

Live and learn, little man.  Take off the goggles while there’s still time.


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