Guest Napper #37

Elizabeth’s daughter Pippa is clearly worn-out by the school year already.  Well, perhaps she doesn’t attend school…but she’s reading ahead.

A Page-turner.

The sad thing is, this is exactly why I (an English teacher!) have read about two books in the past year. I sit down with the book and a rare moment of silence and the next thing I know, I’m wiping drool and a bookmark imprint from my face.

Not to imply that Pippa is a drooler.

Perhaps an espresso before reading time, Elizabeth?  Now there’s an idea!

May you all get through your required reading this week.

3 Replies to “Guest Napper #37”

  1. Yeah, that book is the problem. My youngest girls ar 7 & 8 now. They didn’t care much for Little Bear either. Let’s get that lil lady a Junie B Jones chapter book.

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