Guest Napper #41

If I don’t post this now, I’ll have to wait, as the grammatically challenged might say, a “whole ‘nother year.”

Oh, yeah.  You heard me.  This writing teacher is using her nap blog to finally start complaining about annoying grammar trends.  Tomorrow, I might choose a whole ‘nother one.

Anyway, if I don’t post this summery (not summer-LIKE, TV meteorologists…) floating nap soon, it will be too autumnal (not FALL-LIKE, TV meteorologists…) outside for us to truly appreciate it.  Instead, we’ll just say “Brrrrrrrr” and think that it’s way too wintry (Oh yea – it’s ON meteorologists.  WINTER-LIKE is goin’ down, too) to enjoy the peaceful scene it represents.

Grammar griping aside, just take a quiet moment and listen to the water lapping gently at the edges of this picture, as little Reid drifts off to dreamland.

Let's post this swimming nap before it's a MUTE POINT. (cough)

Thanks to Robert and Brittany for this picture. They promise they removed Reid from the water before he became tragically PRUNE-LIKE.

Go forth and please avoid begging any questions, folks.  I guarantee, you are using the expression wrong.



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