Slumbering Swimmingly – Best EVAH

I used to joke about my youngest being the junior varsity napper, compared to his brother. Nobody at Naps Happen is making jokes anymore. This kid is a serious contender.

Who knew the Nap-0-lympics were being held as an aquatics event this year?

What you are seeing, folks, is my boy, who collapsed from exhaustion while playing Angry Birds at his brother’s swimming lesson.  I am sad that I did not get a picture of the entire day camp that was splashing, with ear-splitting screeches, just yards away.

I did, however, take this one from several angles.  “Pooped” at the pool, this one.  Not IN the pool, thankfully.

I mean, wouldn’t you?  The daycamp counselors and the lifeguards were incredulous. I took the phone out of his hands here, not wanting my Droid to take a dive.

A regular collapse by the kickboards.  Ba dum DUM.

We’ll make him swab the deck when he wakes up. Just resting his eyes for a minute…

Hope all your weekend sports activities are this restful. Happy Friday!

4 Replies to “Slumbering Swimmingly – Best EVAH”

  1. Those indoor pools are so loud and echoey. It’s amazing that he fell asleep there. Especially since he had the ever-coveted phone all to himself without his brother around to take it from him. (That’s what happens in my house anyway.)

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