Guest Napper #49 – Puppet Party

This week, I was talking with some friends about their sons’ obsessions with things like trains and firetrucks. When I asked one of these firemen-obsessed boys if he’d like to be a fireman when he grows up, he thoughtfully informed me, “I don’t know. I can be lots of things.” Serves me right for asking a patronizing question.

Well…mom Lacey may be facing the reality that little Evelyn is a born puppeteer. Apparently, she cannot be separated from her puppets even in sleep. As Lacey put it, this nap was an exceptional “Two Mooser.”

Furry Friends for Thanksgiving

I have to say, though, that Lacey may have brought this upon herself. I mean, I haven’t even bough my boys ONE moose puppet. That’s tempting fate, if you ask me.

May the day before Thanksgiving find you grateful for whatever passions your children may pursue. Even if they involve puppetry.

...and to all stuffed creatures a good night.

Cue the pie and make it sweet!

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