Today, I want to bring you a very important holiday safety message.  Please, folks, stay awake while you are using the Sit ‘n Spin.

sit 'n spin nap

If you are going to do a layout off the Sit ‘n Spin, DO wear some really entertaining socks. Preferably some that will enable us all to make jokes about the Wicked Witch of the West.

sit 'n spin napOne unanswered question I have is this: is the tiger responsible for the accident? Did he cuddle his boy into a premature slumber, causing him to fall from his Sit ‘n Spin? People should remember that big cats are, after all, wild stuffed animals.

sit 'n spin napIf you’ll look closely, you’ll see that a small stuffed dachshund is the real victim, here. The boy landed on him and is using him as a pillow. The tiger should be ashamed of himself.

sit 'n spin napI want to issue a disclaimer that my child was NOT drinking out of that plastic cup when the accidental nap occurred. No, sir. We don’t drink apple juice while spinning in this house. Very strict rules.

Consider yourselves warned.



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