Guest Napper #57: Above Insomnia

I woke up at 2:30am on Sunday and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Of course I tried all the usual stuff like counting backwards from 100 (while making bleating noises), breathing deeply, and even clearing my mind. Except the clearing of the mind part never works because I start to think about the list of things I need to do and wonder stuff like where I’m sending my kids to day camp this summer. What – everyone does this, right?

Well, perhaps Beth, here, has the right idea. Her mom Lana sent me this picture of her daughter, who does not look like she’s making a nighttime grocery list at all.

Good for circulation.

This really puts me in mind of a nap Cormac had many moons ago. Except, like a typical man, he left his shoes all over the place and looks like he fell asleep while watching sports. What are the chances he’ll pick that stuff up when he wakes?

I’m going to try Beth’s pose tonight at 2:30am, when I wake up and start thinking about the deadlines for preschool paperwork, and how I forgot to xerox that worksheet on sentence fragments for my class on Tuesday.

Don’t lie – you’re jealous of my deep thoughts.


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