Guest Napper #71 – Tired of Toothpaste

Goodness knows, we all try to teach our kids good hygiene. You know…wash your HANDS and brush your TEETH. It seems like a constant uphill battle to get them to perform these tasks at all, let alone correctly.

Well, Odin seems to have a little extra work to do. You see, he has slathered his hands with toothpaste. I can well imagine he got exhausted before he was able to get this mess off his fingers. Apparently, he had to take a break.

Sticky Fingers

I can tell you who won’t be getting a break: his parents. They have some serious wet vac work to do here.

On the upside, if he eats any Cheerios off the floor later, he’ll be getting extra flouride.

1 Reply to “Guest Napper #71 – Tired of Toothpaste”

  1. Oh. My. Sponge Bob Bubble Fruit flavored dentifrice. That is hilarious. Mostly because it’s not in my house. I’d like to say I’m glad my kids are past this phase of destruction but just today I caught Bucket Head disassembling an ink pen he found in the school parking lot. And yes, it was picture day and he was wearing his nicest outfit. Good times.

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