Guest Napper #90 – Flexible Flop

You know when you wake up and you just feel like you slept at a strange angle?


Or perhaps that you were trying to do a “bboy” style shoulder spin in your sleep? Nah, me neither.

Bethany saw her daughter sleeping like this and had to decide if she should wake her or let her lie. Guided by the predominant parental wisdom never to wake a sleeping baby, she risked the neck crick.

Apparently, the child woke fresh as a daisy.

Doubters – 0. Sleep Lovers – 1.

May your Monday be free of muscle relaxants. If…that’s what you want.

2 Replies to “Guest Napper #90 – Flexible Flop”

  1. The only time I have moved my sleeping baby is when arms and legs are hanging out between the crib slats. And then I only move the arm or leg that’s hanging out.

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