Guest Napper #91- Kamikaze Cushion

Shop ’til you drop just took on a whole new dimension. And why not? It’s Friday, after all.

Future Olympic sport?

Cori Anne sent me this awesome picture of her son, who has scored just about the most comfortable cart a store can offer. When I saw it, the super dork in me thought how much Cori Anne reminds me of Joss Whedon’s version of Buffy – improvising handsomely with any tool at hand.

This kid is slaying me, really.

Happy Friday, folks. Try to stay upright in your carts.

Disclaimer: An adult was present at all times with this snoozing child and no nappers were harmed in any way during the execution of this cart nap, which the judges have given a 91 out of 100 possible points. 



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