Guest Nappers #95 and #96 – Tussling Twins

This photo Laura sent of ADORABLE twins Connor and Nora is perfect for today.

Just like the back seat battle.

It beautifully exemplifies the fate of millions of siblings as they crawl into the backs of their parents cars and prepare for a verrrry long drive. When I was a kid, we traipsed all over Northern Europe and the U.S. in the back of our 1979 VW Rabbit. My brother and I even used to flip a coin to decide who was going to get the slightly roomier spot behind my mother.

Because, you know, you take what you can get when the car is that small.

Sometimes James and I would be slumped in our respective corners, listening to our walkmans (walkMEN?) and doing Mad Libs. Most other times, however, one of us was taking an elbow to the temple and screaming “(S)he’s ON MY SIIIIIIDE!” My folks reminisce that, once, they said “Let’s just let them go at it and see when they stop,” but they had to bail on this plan because we were heading for certain physical injury.

Ahhhh…good times.

As you all head out on your trips, envision this peaceful photo of sibling harmony and do some chanting. Ommmmmm.

Thanks to Laura and may you all arrive at your destination safe and without a black eye from your sibling!

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