Guest Napper #99 – Soporific Socks

Well, folks, I won’t need to tell you why I’ve been looking forward to posting this one. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand…well…a thousand something.

Debra sent me this picture of Johnette, who became exhausted by sorting the backlog of family socks and decided to refresh herself midstream. Looking at it makes me feel a strange urgency about cleaning out my own sock drawer.

Time to declutter?

Perhaps this is a good idea for parents everywhere, who are already going nuts with their kids at home for the summer? Just dump out the sock drawer and see what happens! We have a heat advisory today, so I’m thinking this isn’t a bad idea. If socks are soporific, that is.

Looks like she’s socked herself away for a long summer’s nap. (Ba dum DUM!)


2 Replies to “Guest Napper #99 – Soporific Socks”

  1. My four year old fell asleep with a sock clutched in each fist on the way home last night. I wish I had known that sorting socks would put me to sleep when I was doing laundry at 2 this morning. I would’ve tried anything to get back to sleep.

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