Guest Napper #103 – Stubborn, but Snoozing

On Wednesday night, the neighborhood started setting off small fireworks just after we’d tucked the boys into bed.

Ahhhh, the things you never know until you are a parent. That 9pm is a seriously bad time for parents to hear fireworks!

Of course our kids had their faces glued to the window until at least 10pm – even after we had gone in our own room and turned off the lights. Thankfully, we peeked into their rooms a little later and saw that they had collapsed in their beds (albeit heads at the wrong ends) eventually on their own.

This all reminded me of a couple of pictures Sterling sent me of his granddaughter Lilly.

stubbornApparently, Lilly has been doggedly preferring to snooze upright in the lap of a grandparent than to go to her bed. She issues a silent protest when the law is laid down.

Hm. Dry mouth.

Grandparents: 1.  Lilly: 0

Of course, who knows who won the next night?

May your weekends be full of early bedtimes…both children and parents!

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