Guest Napper #108 – Right Angle of Repose

Well, folks, some of us are likely to get more severe storms today, and I thought about this picture Amanda sent me of her daughter Lauren, who appears to be awesome at finding hidey holes in which to nap.


Shhh! It should be safe under here!

I mean, I’d never heard of a derecho until one of them snapped my table umbrella in half like a toothpick last month. Now that I know about them, however, I might lie down just like this at a right angle under…wait…no, not under a granite countertop. But you get the idea. And maybe I wouldn’t be asleep. Or perched on a chair.

My plan is unraveling, isn’t it?

Oh, hell. We’ll probably never see another derecho, anyway. At least, my new table umbrella hopes so, as well as tens of thousands of people who suffer under the tyranny of Pepco in Maryland.

But, I digress. Lauren is, at least, looking well-rested! Happy Tuesday.

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