Guest Napper #109 – Disastrous Dreams

I know when my husband laughs aloud at a picture we receive, that it’s a good one.

Heather sent me this picture, explaining that she had taken the week off from work to deep clean her house, while her daughter Zoe was at daycare and her husband was at work.

On Saturday, of course, she had to go to the office and catch up on e-mail. Because there’s no such thing as a free deep-cleaning vacation, don’tcha know. So she’s gone for mere hours and returns to find this.

Yup. Looks clean to me.

I am hard-pressed to decide which part of this photo is my favorite. Is it the enthusiastic Elmo, waiting to pounce on the disaster? Or is that her kid fell asleep while holding a wire hanger? Joan Crawford would be steamed!

And how many diapers did the fellow need for one toddler? He was prepared for a complete poopsplosion, by the looks of it.

As for Heather, I think we should pool together and get her a professional cleaning service!

Excuse me – I’m feeling the need to do some cleaning…


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