Guest Napper #114 – Up All Night

I don’t know about you folks but, as Fall dawns, I am scrambling to keep up with our new schedule. It’s like this complicated jigsaw puzzle of drop-offs, pick-ups, swimming lessons, lunch bunch days, appointments, and then there’s the time I need to find to check myself into a spa.

The other thing that happens is the final, total, complete destruction of my nap schedule. And you know my nap “schedule” (I use the term loosely) was hanging by a thread as it was.

Nisha’s daughter is demonstrating what’s been happening to my 3yo at about 4:30pm lately.

She just didn’t make it.


I am told this happened to Helen after she was put in bed. Well, that’s all well and good…but Cormac isn’t even making it to bed. He’s just crashing somewhere from pure, stubborn, angry exhaustion.

Oh, yes. He’s angry. He’s like “I-refuse-a-nap-just-to-be-a-pill-and-now-I’m-inexplicably-angry” angry.

And then he does this. Sometimes it’s on the couch, though.

I hope all of you are enjoying the start of school and that its benefits outweigh the fury of the nap time scorned.


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