Guest Napper #118 – Incompletely Inked

With the onset of half-day school for my kids, I have also seen an increase in the number of dead-asleep-colored-too-many-alphabets-today naps.

Molly may be suffering from one too many trips to the library. It looks like she’s sitting at Mom’s desk, too. Has she been overdoing those educational computer activities? Who can say…

Was she waiting for a file to load? Or…?

You may also notice that, before she went to sleep, she drew on her legs with her pen. Back in ┬ámy day, that would have been erasable pen (phew) but I have bad news for Mom…nobody uses those crappy pens anymore. This is bound to be the real deal.

Now the question – move her straight to bed? Or have her wake up refreshed at 6p.m.?

A PENny for your thoughts on that one. Or a PUNny. Ohhhhhh…I need a vacation.


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