Guest Napper #133 – Guardian of the Gifts

This has been a new kind of holiday season for me, because both of my boys have become aware of Santa at the same time. Every time they ask for something they saw on TV, I tell them to go tell the Elf on the Shelf. Cormac turned to me yesterday and earnestly whispered, “Mama, I have so many questions for Santa.”

When Christmas morning arrives and they’re both wound up tight as little springs, they will experience the frenzy of giving, become overwhelmed by their bounty (I’d say they top out after two gifts) and collapse in an ill-timed nap after eating too much chocolate Santa.

I’m sure some of your kids have done the same. However, if you think you’ve seen the best collapse-on-the-toys nap, pardon me, but you don’t know Jack.

Protect the Stash

One thing Jack’s got going for him is that he already knows to put his toys in his toybox…and then shield them with his own body. No sibling is going to get through to this Christmas haul.

Even in sleep, he exhibits admirable defensive skills. Or is he poised to wake and catch Santa in the act of going back up the chimney?

What? What? I’m awake…zzzzzz.

Looks like Cookie Monster is ready to chase after Santa, indignant over the ingestion of that plate of chocolate chip lovelies Jack left out for him by the tree.

Well, okay, it’s probably a little early to be talking about Christmas. I’ll delve back into my treasure trove of naps and find something caused by tryptophan…stay tuned.


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