Guest Napper #134 – Waiting for Weather

This week, those of us in the D.C. area who aren’t petrified by the prospect of (gasp) WINTRY MIX were briefly tantalized by the possibility of the first light snow of the season. Sadly for Santa watchers, all we got was a frigid downpour – in my opinion, the worst type of gloomy weather.

Nevertheless, my boys wore their galoshes and coats and stomped with great purpose in every puddle on the sidewalk. It looks like this little William may not have made it to the puddle-jumping stage. It was so, you know, EXHAUSTING.

Boots, check. Snacks, check. Sled dogzzzzz???

Well, he’ll be ready for the next one. For today, the sun is shining and naps are in the forecast. Happy Wednesday to all!

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