Guest Napper #149: Sleeping Snackmeister

I have heard about this new phenomenon that’s troubling the younger generation. It’s called “sleep texting” and I doubt I have to explain what that is all about. How horrifying. I mean, I can’t even text when I’m wide awake and in desperate need of sending an urgent message, so doing it in my sleep would be a total and utter disaster.

Well, Krista sent me a pic of this little guy may not yet have access to sleep texting, but he’s got a midnight snack made. Whether or not he will get to eat any of it is something we will never know.

Mmmmm. Cheddar.

When you’re sleep eating, it’s best not to go the messy cheese AND crackers route. Just get a combo product, is what I say.

May you all wake feeling well rested and well-fed.


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