Guest Napper #151 (+1): Groggy Gear

It seems like, no matter what, people continue to have opinions about moms, their choices, and their workloads. I just wish everyone would agree on the fact that moms, everywhere, are shouldering a ton of responsibility and really pulling their weight…and sometimes someone else’s.


Bringing new meaning to “shouldering the load.”

This New York City mom lives carless, so she had to find a new way to haul those kids around. Apparently, this little guy (whose name is Becks) is used to making himself comfortable without any kind of fancy car seat.

Bend it like Becks. You, too, can nap on the go.

Have you checked out the new anthology featuring my essay “The Treachery of Toys?” It’s chock full of moms who pull their weight and have funny things to say about it.

I Just Want to Pee Alone

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