Guest Napper #159: Black Swan Dive

I have two boys, but even I cannot fail to notice IT IS DANCE RECITAL SEASON, MY PEOPLE!

My own lovely nieces just performed in a dance recital and every other friend I have on Facebook is posting tutus galore.

What none of my well-meaning friends realize is that they are giving me PTSD (Post Tutu Stress Disorder) by bringing back the sad memory of missing my first dance recital due to chicken pox. My parents also share this pain, since they had to spend the day playing five hundred rounds of Candyland with me.

Anyhooo, I temper your cheerful dance pictures with this little beauty. I am assured that the Dancer of Light is sleeping, even though it looks like she’s been felled by the Dark Ballerina.

BlackSwanIf your child has to miss the matinee due to an untimely nap, do not despair. It’s still a few months before tryouts for The Nutcracker.

Enjoy the show!

6 Replies to “Guest Napper #159: Black Swan Dive”

  1. Oh I love this! I know a dancer who fell asleep in the studio when Jerome Robbins asked him to learn one of his ballets! Can you imagine?

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