Guest Napper #160: Dirty Laundry

This weekend, my kids broke their pop-up hamper. How? Walking around with it on their heads.

Why do children like to put hampers on their heads? In the words of the venerable Dr. Seuss, “I do not know, go ask your Pop!”

Just don’t ask the poor pop-up hamper. In fact, be very quiet and don’t say anything at all, because it seems that a hamper is also an excellent place to take a nap.

Child in hamper

Pop-up Culture: It’s Exhausting

So the next time you feel like crashing rather than doing the laundry, consider this option. Just remember, before you can sleep in the hamper, it MUST BE EMPTY, but, by all means, don’t let that hamper your napping efforts.

Just carry on.

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