Summer Magic: Peeps Fondue

“PEEPS?” you’re saying…am I allowed to eat those in June? Well, the answer is YES! Why, yes you CAN! I bet you didn’t know this (because I didn’t know it) but PEEPS has these incredible new summer flavors: bubble gum and sweet lemonade. Here’s the picture to prove it:

summer peeps flavors


Let me tell you, those squishy little chicks and bunnies are as delectable as they were at Easter time. In fact, I think the Sweet Lemonade is my new favorite.

I wanted to do something fun with PEEPS and since I didn’t have a scientific experiment to top the epic (and somewhat lopsided) PEEPS volcano from a couple of months ago, we decided to go all culinary. By culinary, I mean we got really fancy and made chocolate fondue to eat on the back porch with the kids. Of course, since I try to be a good mom, I also cut up these huge, juicy strawberries and sliced up a banana for my little guy who eats fruit.

fondue with peeps and fruit

Fan-fruiting-tastic, Peeple.

Despite my best efforts, however, it turns out that fruit was not the PEEPles choice that day. My kid loves him some berries and bananas, but they couldn’t compete with the sheer, gooey, deliciousness of these new PEEPS.

child spearing peeps on fondue fork

So, yeah. He went straight for the PEEPS.

I wasn’t sure how the summer flavors would go with chocolate, but I shouldn’t have doubted. I mean, first of all, those squishy little babies are just good any which way. Secondly, though…CHOCOLATE. Need I say more?

Peep in chocolate

All that’s missing here is…bacon.

However, as testament to the flavor of the PEEPS, both kids eventually abandoned even the chocolate and just went straight for the good stuff.

several Peeps on a stick

Hey! Who took all the PEEPS?

All in all, a seriously good time was had by everyone. I have to admit to eating some of the fondue myself. Errr…not the fruit part. The boys were so revved up about the PEEPS that, later, when the little guy requested a second helping, he was reduced to a sobbing heap upon being told the PEEPS party was done for the day.

“But I want more PEEEEEEEEPS,” he howled, plaintively. He shed hot tears of sorrow over the end of our fondue. It’s tough being four years old.

I can’t blame him, though. Even our six year old knows that enjoying a PEEP is serious business in hot weather or cold.

child showing peeps

Don’t mess with my PEEPS.

I completely and totally recommend staging your own fondue party. It’s so easy and you don’t even really need any special equipment. The chocolate can be melted on the stove and then it doesn’t actually need to be in a fondue pot, staying hot. You can serve it up in a regular bowl and it will be fine. Furthermore, if you’re nervous about giving fondue forks to your children, you can really just let them use their fingers.

Get a bath ready, but…

Here’s my easy and cheap recipe for chocolate fondue:

3/4 bag of milk chocolate chips

1/2 C heavy cream

Just melt the chips (while stirring) over low heat on the stove top and whisk the cream in. Voila! Pour into a bowl and serve. If you have lots of kids, double the recipe.

I’m already plotting – what about adding a drop of peppermint and making Christmas PEEPS fondue? (rubs hands together)…

Have fun! We sure did.

This post is sponsored by PEEPS although the thoughts, opinions, and awesome fondue-making are all my own. 


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