Inducing Food Coma

I am busy cooking for Thanksgiving today, so I thought I would share with you one of my absolute favorite recipes! I got it from my magical (as in creator of magically delicious cooking) Aunt Brenda, who got it from her sister-in-law Kieran. All I can say is, THANK YOU KIERAN. This dish is so easy and you can prep it the day before. If you have a lot of people, just double the recipe and use a large, rectangular dish.

Then watch them scrape the dish clean, people.

If you need a corn recipe, give it a try!

Yum Yuuuuuuummmmm!
Yum Yuuuuuuummmmm!

We at Naps Happen are wishing each and every one of you a happy, safe, and yummy Thanksgiving! May you enjoy lovely after-dinner snoozes.

Sorry to be corny.



5 Replies to “Inducing Food Coma”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well. Hope we get some coma pictures đŸ™‚

    As for the recipe, do you know if I can substitute coconut milk instead? I am lactose intolerant.

    1. Hmmmmm….I know nothing about coconut milk. I do know that I have used skim or 2% milk in this before and the only thing is that you may want to reduce the amount of a milk a little, the thinner it gets. Also, if coconut milk is sweeter, perhaps skip the sugar? I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer, but if you try it let us know!

  2. This will be making it’s annual appearance on out Thanksgiving table. It also always appears on the Easter table too. Happy Turkey Day! Love, Aunt Brenda

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