Guest Napper #196: Best Naptress

It looks like one silk-clad lady didn’t quite make it to the red carpet last night, although she’s got a nice assortment of other rugs there.

Of course, she’s not even walking, so there’s that.

child asleep on tile

I’d like to thank my mom for making sure the bathroom floor was always clean…

Her outfit (which is quite charming, in my pedestrian opinion) is wasted on you people, when she should have been getting her $80,000 swag bag and photo bombing A-listers.

I will say, though, she’s a photo crasher, at very least. I’m sure a great number of the Oscar attendees are doing something like this right now on the floors of their own bathrooms at home. We hope they’re at home.

Despite missing the show, I’d say this little lady is “Alright, alright, alright.” Until next year…


Have you got your tickets to BlogU yet? I’ll be there!


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