Guest Napper #200: Sea of Dreams

I take pride in trying to give my boys a summer like the ones I had in the seventies and eighties. So far, we’ve had tree climbing, Slip ‘n Sliding, and Pop Rocks with Coke.

Okay, I’m fibbing about the Pop Rocks with Coke.

Frozen yogurt may have replaced Cherry Slushees and we may no longer ride in Pinto station wagons, but I’m pretty sure kids still have to wear life jackets when they’re out on the water…or just anytime they seem like a good substitute for a pillow.

Matching Togs and Ready for the Yacht.

Matching Togs and Ready for the Yacht.

This little dude is rockin’ the late seventies without rockin’ the boat. He’s ready for anything, including the great flood that is coming while he is asleep.

It’s a good thing he’s got an evacuation plan via the pants, because ain’t nobody pulling his clothes over his head in a hurry, that’s for sure!

Be safe out there, sailors, and get your sleep.


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