Guest Napper #202: Reading Room

Tomorrow my kids start school for the year, and I guess maybe I’m feeling a little soft or sentimental. I was looking through my backlog of naps I promised to post for people, and I came across this vintage nap from the early nineties.

Gosh, I was in college when this was taken. I suspect, however, I was in a very similar position on a desk in my dorm.

Naps Happen

The media can be so exhausting.

I love the sweet simplicity of this snooze. Courtney, who is pictured here, is now 25 years old, but her mom fondly remembers her many impromptu naps, taken wherever she felt the need to crash.

As we go into another year jam-packed with activities and tutoring and sports and total craziness, let’s all remember to let these little people have their moments of peace and quiet.

Aren’t they truly divine?


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