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Guest Napper #36

We all have secret dreams for our children’s futures. When it comes to toddler Trent, however, I’m suspicious he may already have ideas of his own! Thanks to Brandan for sharing this bit of mid-week cuteness. It doesn’t look very comfy, but it’s entertaining!

Napping Network

Happy Monday! Today’s excellent nap is found via a link to a post by Convertible Girl, whose daughter is following in William and Cormac’s footsteps as a totally awesome stair napper. Extra props to her for incorporating the word “soporific” in honor of Beatrix Potter. Enjoy!  

Yawning Yoga

There’s something composed about this nap that really takes me back to the first time this guy tried Pilates.  I have to say, though, that sleeping unmercifully on top of your best friend is probably not in the spirit of one’s practice. As a longtime fan of yoga, however, I have to appreciate the pose …

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Guest Napper #14 – Baby Bandit

My friend Katrina sent me this “Katnap” (snicker…come ON…could you resist?) her sleepy little Sienna took in the car getaway vehicle. She’s strapped in for some wild driving and is obviously keen on hiding her identity. But a girl’s gotta be glam, don’tcha know.  A life of crime is no reason to let yourself go. …

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