Mom Shaming!

Most people think that showing cute pictures of napping kids is just good, clean fun. Occasionally, someone will look at me like I’m the oddest person, ever, when I try to explain what I do on my blog.  In the end, it’s just about finding the humor in family life. How can a person make it through without laughing?

Well, this week a bunch of my mom blogging friends had a little fun at their own expense. Susan at The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva turned the camera on herself after putting her naughty pup up for a dog shaming post. This just after Ilana from Mommy Shorts started a lighthearted Baby Shaming meme, and we all thought it was pretty funny that Susan could out herself for her own poor behavior. Since we are the first to acknowledge that we are all far from perfect, a bunch of us jumped on the bandwagon by creating our own shaming pictures, featuring our silliest non-June-Cleaver mom behaviors. Not doing the laundry while surfing Facebook? It was just the beginning!

Well, apparently we have struck a chord. Mom Shaming has spread through Pinterest and Twitter (hashtags #momshaming and #selfshaming) and has now been featured on and The Huffington Post.

So after years of chuckling over pictures of my kids, I’ve decided to make fun of myself and put my own face up for everyone’s entertainment.

Oh, you hid something tasty. Admit it.

What else do you think I’m doing during all these naps?

Come see the other confessions at The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva or at Blogging While Mom, where we’ve collected them!

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