Naps Happen Meets Morty

My friend Ilana at Mommy Shorts has launched this delightful online series called The Mommy Show, where really cool famous people like Rachel Dratch and Taye Diggs come to her house and she interviews them.

I mean, not that famous people don’t come to my house sometimes.


Anyway, so I started wondering whom I’d have over if I got to interview famous people. The problem is, it’s hard for me to imagine any kind of dignified coffee date with a celebrity, considering that I have two small boys who do very undignified things in my living room all day.

Then I had a brainstorm. You know who shares my kids’ interest in kamikaze napping? Well, Morty of Swiffer fame, of course! If you watch the video about Lee and Morty and their love affair (with each other and with Swiffer products) you will see what it says right at the very end. “100% More Naps.”

No, really, that’s what it says. Watch the video.

Obviously, Morty is the guest for me.

If Morty came over, he might find one of my kids like this:

child asleep under blanket

But he wouldn’t be like “Oh, you’re such a bad parent! How can you not put your kids down in their cozy little beds for a proper nap?” Instead, Morty would approve of the fact that my 6yo was slyly catching some extra Zzz’s on this very comfortable couch. Personally, I think he’d consider the use of the blankie to be thinking outside the box. We not only have 100% more naps, but ours are 100% better.*

Morty says he never cleans. Well, my kids almost never clean! What a coincidence! When my six-year-old saw Morty on his commercial saying “I make dirt!” he laughed like a maniac and pointed at the TV.

Sunbeam nappers are thankful for Swiffered floors.

Sunbeam nappers are thankful for Swiffered floors.

These two are clearly bosom buddies.

In the end, I know Morty is too busy napping to come and see my kids napping. There’s something meta about that, but I’m still trying to figure it out.

Go check out The Mommy Show, though. Nobody is asleep over there. They’re too busy being famous in Ilana’s house.

*based upon unscientific and totally biased study by Mom.




  1. – The One Where Mazzy Falls Asleep During the Interview

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