Guest Napper #194: Polar Snore-tex

Since we in the mid-Atlantic, apparently, have a Polar Plunge weather system approaching, it seemed appropriate to post this nap. After all, it’s best just to jump into freezing water all at once.

Feet-first never pays.

baby asleep

I’m not sure about the form…

Stay warm out there, folks.

And make sure you get that last loaf of bread before someone else does.

Guest Napper #193: Plop into Plank

I’m told by the mother of this remarkably ab-strong child that she is a twin. Here’s the kicker:

She’s the “active” one.

child asleep in plank

Who is going to tell her that planking is, like, so 2012? I’m not.

Apparently, this photo is funniest when you apply the dramatic irony that, nearby, her sister is quietly upright and reading “The Wheels on the Bus.” Meanwhile, this wee lassie looks like she has been felled by a bus. Or perhaps she is providing a bridge for the bus so it can traverse the chasm between the couches.

I’ll probably have to go to the gym for all of 2014 in order to get my plank position this strong. You go, girl.

Like the Wheels on the Bus…



Guest Napper #192: Diaper Stand

I think this kiddo is ready for Bikram.

baby asleep on floor

I thought child’s pose was the one for relaxation?

He’s dressed for it. Comfy in his coolest, most elastic getup. His balance is clearly superior. He is holding this pose For-evah. A yoga teacher said to me a few weeks ago that about the time you think you can’t hold a pose anymore…that’s the time when your pose is beginning. I’m actually under the impression that this little dude is quite comfortable in this chilly headstand…er…faceplant.

Someone cover him up with a towel.



Guest Napper #191: Serial Sleeper

Oh, you know I’ve got to have yet another pun up my sleeve!

Speaking of sleeves, I’m thinking hers might be a little soggy. Is she actually giving her Cheerios the finger?

child asleep at table

This is exactly how I felt this morning…

In all cerealness…er…seriousness…I feel like this on so many mornings during the holidays. Just two weeks to New Year, folks, and then everyone will finally get some sleep!

In the meantime, there is coffee.

Good luck with your holiday preparations. Cheerio!

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