Guest Napper #175: All Dolled Up.

We all love our kids, but sometimes parenting can be downright exhausting.

It’s best this little lady learn that lesson early. It looks like she is finding playing house to be a little taxing. I CANNOT IMAGINE WHY?!! Can you?

girl asleep with dolls

Just wait until they can crawl…

Take heart, my child. At least you can still nap while the dolls are napping. Once you have a few more…you’ll NEVER SLEEP (insert evil laugh).

Guest Napper #174: Stand! Sleep! Stand!

Depending on where you live, you’re a couple of weeks or a few days into a new back-to-school schedule. I’m all for enriching, engaging activities for the kids. I really am.

There’s just ONE drawback.

Early wake-up.

child sleeps standing up

Not even the exciting rainbow shoes could keep this girl moving.

Whether your wee one is off to preschool or grade school or no school…keep ’em upright if you can.

Happy Wednesday!


Guest Napper #173: Saved by the Diaper

All I have to say is, thank goodness diapers have lots of padding.

child asleep in crib

Over and out.


Guest Napper #172: SleePee Cart. Oopsie!

At Naps Happen, we have certainly seen our share of cart naps.

This one is pretty funny. For sure, this exhausted shopper going to have waffle face when he wakes up. However, my favorite thing about this nap is what his mom told me. Apparently her shopping had to go on the rack underneath (because, obviously, it had been evicted.)

Then…moments after she snapped this…

child asleep in cart

Cart: Leaky Bottom

He peed on it.

Hope that wasn’t the last pack of Ticonderoga #2 pencils, yo.