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Guest Napper #120 – Canine Cuddle

This morning, we found my son’s Blue Puppy stuck in the branches of our neighbors’ tree. I’m not sure if he left it there, in a fit of imagination, or if they kindly hung it for us to find, like a lost mitten. Either way, he loves his stuffed friend. I’m sure he’d much rather …

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Sleeping By Surprise

Sometimes, of an afternoon, I let the boys have their lunch on a tray in the basement while they watch a movie. They call this “picnic” and it’s good, clean fun. Apparently, it’s also very tiring…at least for Cormac. William has eaten half of his sandwich, but Cormac didn’t even make it to the cherry …

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Cozy Cohort

For some reason, when I saw this scene, it reminded me of a horrible dish my college cafeteria used to serve up called “Broccoli and Friends.”  Here he is – my little vegetable – surrounded by all his favorite entertainments.  Blue Puppy.  A piece of his train set.  The remote control.  Still, apparently, it was …

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Plank Position

I think this whole planking trend is ridiculous.  Apparently, my three-year-old doesn’t. Rather than participate, Blue Puppy has stuck his head in the sand blankie.  He’s not Cormac’s puppy ANYWAY. Eh.  It’s too hot to play outside, anyway.  Snooze on, little planker.  Snooze on.