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Double Take

I know what you’re thinking.  She’s lost her edge, that nap lady.  I could produce a nap like this!   It’s true.  Every toddler falls asleep on the couch.  Who cares?  Ah!  But look more closely! Two babies! …plus poor old Blue Puppy.  If you can find him. Snooze on, people.  Snooze on.

Razed by Reveling

Cormac has been taking the lion’s share of the naps around here, lately, so I was pleased to come across this classic one of William, featuring a pleasingly squashed Blue Puppy. What really struck me when I captured this nap was the impression that some type of strange party had taken place, which involved the …

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Let Sleeping Lotuses Lie

This nap definitely falls into the “Flexy McFlexerson” category of Gumby-like snoozes William has always been good at. I’m a little concerned that his foot will fall asleep (like my whole leg did a couple of times, after which I foolishly stepped out of bed and went crashing to the floor in the dark.  Er…I …

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A Puzzling Dream

I’m always seeing families on TV who claim they love to do puzzles together.  I would like to say that about our family. “Oh, after a quiet family dinner we like to sit by the fire and do a puzzle together.” I understand the G.W. Bush family rents puzzles to do together of an evening. …

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