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Guest Napper #111- Colorful Crash

As the first day of school careens toward us (or away from us, if your district starts early!) Naps Happen brings you this PSA: art projects are really exhausting, so be sure to catch your ZZZZ’s. My friend Erin sent me this picture of Katy at a restaurant, and I was like “What? I have …

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Guest Napper #101: Counterproductive

Mary shared this great picture of Henry, who appears to be a very flexible sleeper even at an advanced stage of childhood. May we all be this lucky with our kids. It looks like that exhausting coloring was just too much for him. But, seriously, why not crawl down from the stools and find a …

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Guest Napper #79 – Scintillating Spring Break

I know this isn’t true for everyone, but today is the first day of what promises to be a very loooooong Spring Break for me. Mind you, there was a time when Spring Break meant flirting with cute guys and cruising in borrowed convertibles. I wore a few outfits that scandalized my mother. I may …

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