Guest Napper #111- Colorful Crash

As the first day of school careens toward us (or away from us, if your district starts early!) Naps Happen brings you this PSA: art projects are really exhausting, so be sure to catch your ZZZZ’s.

Can you pass the cornflower blue? Katy? Katy? Katy?

My friend Erin sent me this picture of Katy at a restaurant, and I was like “What? I have a nap blog? Why are you sending me this?”

Ohhhhhh. She’s asleep.

Now THAT is balance, folks. No head-nod for this girl. She will be super awesome in those surreptitious post-lunch Algebra naps.

Have I ever mentioned the time I jerked in my sleep and fell half out of my desk in Algebra II? Good times.

Here’s hoping your week isn’t so tiring that you fall asleep at dinner. Onward!

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