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Nappers Galore: Happy Dad’s Day!

With all the excitement over crazy weather and the beginning of summer vacation, let’s not forget that this weekend is Father’s Day! I’m willing to bet that most dads out there would rank a nap right up there with most fervent wishes for their big day. Forget brunch. Well, I’m not one to let people …

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Guest Napper(s) #98 – Duplicated Doze

As part of the ongoing Dadapalooza Endless Father’s Day Celebration (it sounds exciting, doesn’t it?) I am sharing this excellent Friday photo Katie sent me of her son Owen and his Dad. In this case, we have a visual confirming the old saying, “Like father, like son.” My advice to Katie is to channel this …

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Guest Napper #73 -ReDADux (I’ll Be Here All Week)

After my horrifying mistake of last week, when I announced that Father’s Day was coming a full week early, I received this great Dad and Son nap from Danielle, who has provided a great couch nap before. I guess Christopher is just not great at making it completely onto the couch. But it doesn’t look …

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