Nappers Galore: Happy Dad’s Day!

With all the excitement over crazy weather and the beginning of summer vacation, let’s not forget that this weekend is Father’s Day! I’m willing to bet that most dads out there would rank a nap right up there with most fervent wishes for their big day.

Forget brunch.

Well, I’m not one to let people down when it comes to sleep, so I have collected a few photos of sweet snoozes a few of our dads have had with their tots. As you will see, even for grown ups, perfect conditions are not necessary when it comes to grabbing forty winks!

Did you ever dream that something was suffocating you? Photo compliments of Buttoning My Jeans


So tired from midnight feedings you could sleep sitting up?

Did you fall asleep at the remote while your kid did the Nestea Plunge?


This nap, appropriately, from Night Light Stories!

Last of all, a retro nap. This is me, with my own Dad. As you can see, he’d had an exhausting day in his job as an Air Force officer, and I’d had an exhausting day…just being exhausting, probably.

People who serve our country deserve extra naps!

Let’s all take a moment this weekend to appreciate the many wonderful dads out there…and then give them some peace and quiet!


We love you.




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