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Guest Napper #46 – Patriotic Pallet?

When I posted my first-ever stair nap, people were pretty amazed. Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder why. There’s a devastating national secret, and it’s that kids are sleeping on the steps all over this fine country of ours. From stair to shining stair, the new generation is bucking traditional ideals about beds, for God’s sake. Mom…beds …

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Stairmaster Throwdown

In the growing spirit of competition between my snoozing sons, Cormac has attacked William’s greatest asset. The stair nap. Boasting a move never before seen in the nap-o-lympics, Cormac has even attempted this challenging feat without props.  As long-time fans know, William has executed two perfect stair naps before, but he’s always had help. Look …

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Stairway to Heaven Redux

Those of you who remember the incredible first Stairway Snooze must agree with me that it seemed like lightning in a bottle.  I seriously can’t think of anyone else I’ve ever met whose kid took a 2-hour nap on the steps. Once again, William exceeds expectations. This time (nearly 18 mos. and several inches in …

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