Stairmaster Throwdown

In the growing spirit of competition between my snoozing sons, Cormac has attacked William’s greatest asset.

The stair nap.


Boasting a move never before seen in the nap-o-lympics, Cormac has even attempted this challenging feat without props.  As long-time fans know, William has executed two perfect stair naps before, but he’s always had help.

Aerial Maneuver

Look at that form.  A perfect 10.  He didn’t even drop his blankie.


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4 Replies to “Stairmaster Throwdown”

  1. …and bonus points for executing it with a modifier rarely seen outside the adult competition!

    degree of difficulty doubled by including the often immitated, rarely perfected, “I just need this foot on the floor to keep the room from spinning” toe touch!

    I believe he has thrown down the gauntlet for future competitions!

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