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Guest Nappers #127 and #128: Sleepy Sidewalks of New York

If you’re not already reading Mommy Shorts at her blog and following her on Instagram, you should be. I give you Exhibit A…and also Exhibit B. No, these two little pals are not giggling and making faces at each other. They are out cold. Apparently, Mazzy and Lucas had a pretty emotionally exhausting day.  After a long …

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Guest Napper(s) #98 – Duplicated Doze

As part of the ongoing Dadapalooza Endless Father’s Day Celebration (it sounds exciting, doesn’t it?) I am sharing this excellent Friday photo Katie sent me of her son Owen and his Dad. In this case, we have a visual confirming the old saying, “Like father, like son.” My advice to Katie is to channel this …

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Guest Napper #94 – Cuddly Companion

There’s a lot of buzz out there right now on Facebook and Twitter, with moms discussing the imminent end of school and the looming summer break. (insert nervously hysterical cackle) You folks have LOTS of togetherness ahead. We all do.  But it looks like Rose may have a little more togetherness ahead than some of …

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