Guest Nappers #127 and #128: Sleepy Sidewalks of New York

If you’re not already reading Mommy Shorts at her blog and following her on Instagram, you should be. I give you Exhibit A…and also Exhibit B.

Actually, Two Times is the Charm

No, these two little pals are not giggling and making faces at each other. They are out cold.

Apparently, Mazzy and Lucas had a pretty emotionally exhausting day.  After a long stroller ride in the fresh air, they arrived a children’s museum that was closed for a private party. However, seeing the children inside, they staged a bit of a tantrum/sit-in and had to be taken into a nearby pharmacy to look at the stuffed animals.

You know, because when you can’t have art, you always have commercialism.

Anyway, after calming down in the pharmacy, they worked out the rest of their righteous anger at the playground, which resulted in the scene you see here. They didn’t make it home before crashing out in the only seats available.

PSA: It’s tough being a toddler, folks.

Check out Mama 411, by the way, if you want to find stuff to do with your kids in New York. You know, other than the pharmacy.

5 Replies to “Guest Nappers #127 and #128: Sleepy Sidewalks of New York”

  1. ha, i remember those days. my husband and i would always tilt the stroller back to try and get them upright, and then they’d go right back down… next of course some “well-meaning” new yorker would let me know they thought the kid looked uncomfortable.

  2. Adorable – I wish I could sleep like that. I probably have some pics of my kids doing that sort of thing in their car seats – and yes, someone always pops up out of nowhere to tell you that your kid isn’t comfortable, to which I say, “If she wasn’t comfortable, I doubt she’d have fallen asleep.”

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