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child napping in car

Guest Napper #205: Beary Delicious

Personally, I’ve never been one to get up in the middle of a good snooze and get a snack. I’ve also never fallen asleep in my food. I’ve also never eaten my lovey. No, wait. That’s a cereal bear…I mean a cereal BAR, right? Well, anyone who ever played Oregon Trail knows you have to …

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Guest Nappers #115 and #116 and Guy Who Is Awake

As you plunge into the seething tide of automobile-encased humanity on this fine Friday-before-Labor-Day-Weekend, I give you this retro nap submitted by a reader. There’s nothing I DON’T like about this scene. First of all, it reminds me of my many cross-country drives with my folks in the eighties, as my brother and I clawed …

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Traveler and Tile

Apologies to all for the long absence of Team Naps Happen. We’ve been enjoying a blissful vacation on the coast of Maine, where I was far too busy constantly washing sand out of the clothing of small boys to actually post a darn thing. Of course you know that there’s no way an entire week …

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Guest Nappers #92 and #93: Dreaming While Delayed

Memorial Day is almost here. Are you gearing up for a delightfully relaxing family vacation? (insert evil laugh) Amanda sent me these pics of her kids asleep in the most comfortable and hygienic of places, all thanks to family travel. I especially like how this one seems to be praying for the imminent end to …

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