Guest Nappers #115 and #116 and Guy Who Is Awake

As you plunge into the seething tide of automobile-encased humanity on this fine Friday-before-Labor-Day-Weekend, I give you this retro nap submitted by a reader.

Before massive SUVs…

There’s nothing I DON’T like about this scene. First of all, it reminds me of my many cross-country drives with my folks in the eighties, as my brother and I clawed each other’s eyes out in the back seat of our 1979 VW Rabbit. Second, it shows how we all used to get along before every vehicle had three seats and fifty DVD players.

Hey, I had a walkman and mini cards to play solitaire.

And the Holiday Inn pool.

And my awesome eighties self.

Two outta three ain’t bad on a long car trip. At least there’s no fighting.¬†Happy Labor Day and drive and nap safely, peeps!


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