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Guest Napper #137: Fractured Fairytale

“Light the oven, the witch said to Gretel…” We’re going to have roast dolls and stuffed animals today. “I’m not sure if the oven is hot enough!” Gretel replied. “Let’s take a nap for awhile and wait for it to warm up!” It looks like Ben may have been channeling one of the world’s most …

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child asleep on deck planks

Ding, Dong, the Deck’s a Bed

Contrary to what this photo would suggest, I do not encourage my children to sunbathe.  I also do not lock them on the deck in their pajamas and force them to take outdoor naps.  Behind giant flowerpots. It seems that, following in his brother’s footsteps, my four-year-old couldn’t resist the siren song of the sauna-like …

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