Guest Napper #137: Fractured Fairytale

“Light the oven, the witch said to Gretel…”

We’re going to have roast dolls and stuffed animals today.

“I’m not sure if the oven is hot enough!” Gretel replied. “Let’s take a nap for awhile and wait for it to warm up!”

Ben. Gretel. What’s the difference?

It looks like Ben may have been channeling one of the world’s most morbid fairy tales, lighting up that spiffy play oven and gathering his fat little stuffed toys near its gaping maw.

But, alas! It is not their time, and Ben is conquered by sleep. By the time he wakes up, he’ll have lost control of the gingerbread house.

You snooze you lose, buddy. Didn’t you watch Toy Story? Those dolls have a mind of their own.


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