Future Olympian?

This morning seemed like a good day to bring in a new JV napper.  It will be awhile before he reaches the heights that his brother has achieved, but you have to consider his tender age at the time of this photo.

In training for the napping olympics...

Note the promising floor-level position of the nap.  The strategic use of props foretelling future toy comas.  The utter relaxation.  I think we’re going to be seeing more of this young athlete in months to come.

If you’ll look in the upper right hand quadrant of the photo, you will see that he has brought in Blue Puppy – a coach who has already worked with the best.

2 Replies to “Future Olympian?”

  1. Yes, I see definite Nap potential. With easy naps and good snoozing he should reach higher levels of Napping. They could tag team!

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