Thankful for Team Naps

With Turkey Day fast approaching, family members and friends arriving in town, and work winding down, I know that the last thing you all will be doing is reading a blog about naps.  Perhaps you will find time to take one for a change!

I thought about posting a nap-while-eating, but what seemed nicer was to pause and be thankful for moments like this one, which I captured on camera by sheer luck.


May this holiday bring you safe travels, perfectly timed side dishes, and lots of love.

Oh…and some good sleep.  Everything else is gravy.

Happy Thanksgiving from Team Naps Happen!

6 Replies to “Thankful for Team Naps”

  1. Adorable. And, is the baby sleep smiling? I love sleep smiling. As I type this the Hubster and one of my 3-year-old twins are napping on the living room couch. He’s on his back and she’s facedown on his chest. Yes, I took a picture.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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