Cozy Crevice

Got vertigo?

Avalanche Victim

I keep turning my head this way and that, and I still can’t figure out what angle I took this from.

Ahhh, yes. Stuck in a crevice.

I think he’s waiting for rescue. ¬†Puppy is alert.

A cozy crevice, indeed.

As his boy sleeps on.

3 Replies to “Cozy Crevice”

  1. Just checking out your blog for the first time and I must say, these naps are very impressive! Do your kids create their own couch cushion nap structures to sleep in or is their some cushion smothering involved?

    1. Ha! Yeah – William and Cormac are quite the little architects, although I am fairly certain their structures are not to code. You can see why they are so exhausted. Sort of like building a cathedral in one afternoon. Over and over.

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